Ashneer Grover’s Memoir: “Doglapan” and Its Sequel


Ashneer Grover, co-founder and former managing director of BharatPe has garnered significant acclaim with his book, “Doglapan: The Hard Truth About Life and Start-Ups.” Grover gained widespread recognition for his straightforward appearances on Shark Tank India.

In a recent social media post on X (formerly Twitter), Grover excitedly announced plans for ‘Doglapan 2.0’ and hinted at an upcoming movie adaptation. This announcement has stirred anticipation among his followers, eagerly awaiting these forthcoming developments.

Sharing his excitement, Grover expressed, “‘Doglapan’ – the autobiography, continues to achieve impressive numbers even after 15 months. While Doglapan 2.0 promises even more intense and unbelievable stories, we’re currently immersed in the exciting development of the movie. Stay tuned!”

Highlighting the success of ‘Doglapan,’ Grover emphasized its achievements: “Doglapan: Ashneer Grover’s Autobiography #1: Bestseller Autobiography; 4.6 Star Rating: Across Platforms; 1 Lakh+: English Hard Copies/Audiobooks (On Audible) Sold; 36 Lakh+: Listens of Hindi Audio Book on KuKu FM; Reprint in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu.”

Released on December 10, 2022, “Doglapan” chronicles Grover’s journey from a modest upbringing in a small town to becoming a successful entrepreneur in India. The memoir delves into Grover’s early life, growing up as a third-generation Pakistani refugee in a middle-class family in Delhi. After completing engineering at IIT Delhi, he spent seven years as an investment banker at Kotak Bank before venturing into the startup realm. Co-founding BharatPe, a fintech company, Grover played a pivotal role in its remarkable growth, steering it from obscurity to a USD 2.5 billion valuation before a controversial exit. ‘Doglapan’ encapsulates Grover’s entire odyssey, showcasing his triumphs and tribulations, and offering readers an unfiltered glimpse into the entrepreneurial landscape and the hurdles he encountered. The book explores his journey from childhood to his tenure at BharatPe, providing a narrative of his life characterized by the dualities of “Doglapan” witnessed in both adversity and achievement. It also delves into the challenges encountered during BharatPe’s inception and the corporate drama that ultimately led to Grover’s departure from the company.