Fintech Watch Partners with Africa FutureTech Summit 2024

Fintech Watch is thrilled to announce our media partnership for the Africa FutureTech Summit 2024. This landmark event aims to drive innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development across the African continent. Spanning five days, the summit will serve as a pivotal platform for stakeholders from government, private sector, academia, civil society, and diplomatic missions to convene, exchange ideas, and catalyze impactful initiatives. The focus will be on emerging technologies such as Web 3, ICP, AI, IoT, blockchain, metaverse, and robotics. The summit will explore opportunities to leverage innovation for socio-economic progress, environmental sustainability, and inclusive growth. In addition to keynote addresses, panel discussions, and workshops, the summit will feature a gala dinner, exhibitions, and dedicated sessions for diplomatic missions, fostering cross-border cooperation and collective action.



August 12 – 16, 2024



Hybrid (Physical in Lusaka, Zambia, and virtual participation)


1. Promote Innovation: Showcase groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions driving progress across Africa.

2. Facilitate Collaboration: Foster partnerships and knowledge sharing among diverse stakeholders from across the continent.

3. Address Societal Challenges: Explore the role of technology in addressing key challenges facing Africa, including healthcare, education, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

4. Empower Youth: Provide platforms for youth engagement, skill development, and entrepreneurship in the technology sector.

5. Enhance International Cooperation:** Strengthen ties and collaboration between African countries and international partners, including diplomatic missions and multilateral organizations.


Key Stakeholders:

  • Government: Representatives from national governments, ministries, and regulatory bodies.
  • Private Sector: CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups, and industry leaders from tech and non-tech sectors.
  • Academia: Professors, researchers, and students from universities and research institutions.
  • Civil Society: NGOs, community organizations, and advocacy groups driving social impact and inclusion.
  • Diplomatic Missions:** Ambassadors, diplomats, and representatives from African and international embassies.
  • Tech Innovators: Developers, engineers, and innovators spearheading tech-driven solutions for Africa’s challenges.
  • University Students:** Engaging young minds from educational institutions across Africa.
  • Girls and Women in Tech: Empowering female participation and leadership in the tech industry.
  • Entrepreneurs: Supporting innovators and business leaders driving tech advancements and economic growth.


Proposed Agenda

Day 1 (August 12):

  • Morning: Opening Ceremony featuring keynote speeches by dignitaries and thought leaders.
  • Afternoon: Panel Discussions on AI and IoT applications for healthcare, education, and smart cities.
  • Evening: Gala Dinner: Networking event bringing together delegates from diverse sectors and regions.


Day 2 (August 13):

  • Morning: Blockchain, Web 3, and ICP Sessions exploring digital finance, supply chain transparency, and decentralized governance.
  • Afternoon: Robotics Workshops showcasing innovations in automation, drones, and agricultural robotics.
  • Evening: Exhibitions highlighting tech solutions, startups, and innovations from across Africa.


Day 3 (August 14):

  • Morning: Policy Dialogues on digital infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, and fostering innovation ecosystems.
  • Afternoon: Youth Empowerment Sessions on coding, entrepreneurship, and tech-driven social impact including dedicated session on girls and women in tech.
  • Evening: Cultural Showcase: Celebrating the rich cultural diversity of Zambia, Ethiopia, and India through music, art, and cuisine.


Day 4 (August 15):

  • Morning: Workshops on emerging trends such as quantum computing, edge computing, and space technology.
  • Afternoon: Startup Pitch Competition featuring pitches from Africa’s most promising tech startups.
  • Evening: Industry Forums on fintech, agritech, healthtech, and renewable energy solutions.


Day 5 (August 16):

  • Morning: Diplomatic Sessions: Roundtable discussions and presentations for diplomatic missions and international organizations.
  • Afternoon: Sessions on Climate Change and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
  • Evening: Official launch of the Indo Zambia Blockchain Alliance, Farewell Reception, and Awards Ceremony recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements in Africa’s tech ecosystem.


Expected Outcomes

– Heightened awareness and understanding of emerging technologies and their potential to drive sustainable development in Africa.

– Strengthened collaboration and partnerships between stakeholders across sectors, regions, and borders.

– Empowered youth equipped with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to shape Africa’s tech future.

– Concrete initiatives and commitments to harness technology for addressing Africa’s most pressing challenges.

– Elevated profile and recognition of Africa as a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusive growth.


Organizing Partners

– Motley Institute of Business & Technology (MIBT), Zambia

– HBGB Enterprises, Ethiopia

– Indo Zambia Blockchain Alliance (IZBA), Zambia


For more information and registration, please visit the Africa FutureTech Summit 2024 website:

or contact the organizing committee at:

Email address:

Phone number:+260955859611