Google Unveils DigiKavach to Protect Against Online Financial Frauds in India

Google introduced ‘DigiKavach’ during the ‘Google for India’ event to tackle the rising problem of online financial fraud in India. This early warning system is designed to be a significant step in identifying and preventing financial fraud patterns from causing extensive harm.
DigiKavach’s foundation is a collaborative and responsible strategy. Google’s new system is focused on rapidly sharing insights and knowledge with trusted partners in the digital realm. This approach involves a comprehensive analysis of the tactics employed by scammers and close cooperation with industry experts.
As part of this initiative, Google has formed a vital partnership with the Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE). FACE will play a key role within the DigiKavach system, assisting Google in detecting and removing predatory digital lending applications from the Play Store in India. This partnership emphasizes Google’s strong commitment to creating a safer digital space for Indian users.