Hitachi Payment Services launches HPX

Hitachi Payment Services has launched HPX, collaborating with fintech startups for long-term investments in India’s payments and commerce solutions sector.

Hitachi Payment Services has launched an innovation program called HPX, demonstrating its commitment to transforming the payment industry through collaboration with fintech startups for long-term investment. The initiative aims to revolutionize payment experiences for businesses and consumers by partnering with disruptors in the fintech and payments sector. HPX offers participants benefits such as access to capital, accelerated commercialization of innovative payment solutions, key industry partnerships, and opportunities to extend influence internationally.

The focus areas of HPX include core banking, Banking as a Service (BaaS), embedded finance, Web 3.0/Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), issuance, payments compliance, and Artificial Intelligence/General AI. Anuj Khosla, CEO of Digital Business at Hitachi Payment Services, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and delivering superior payment experiences through the integration of cutting-edge solutions from the startup community.

Hitachi Payment Services provides a comprehensive range of payment solutions, including ATM services, Cash Recycling Machines, White Label ATMs, POS solutions, Toll and transit solutions, Payment Gateway solutions, and SoftPOS. The company aims to unite evolving technologies, new-age entrepreneurs, and visionaries through HPX to implement innovative ideas that drive meaningful change in the payments landscape.