Minit Money Launches Revolutionary Remittance Service for Zambian Diaspora in South Africa

Fintech innovator Minit Money, known for its groundbreaking approach to blockchain-based remittances, is changing the game. The company has just opened a new Southern Africa remittance corridor, bridging the gap for Zambians living in South Africa to send money back home.

Minit Money’s Co-founder and CEO, Angus Brown, announced this exciting development during the Africa Fintech Summit in Lusaka, Zambia. Brown highlighted the significance of expanding their services to the Zambian diaspora community in South Africa. He expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Minit Money’s capabilities to serve the Zambian diaspora in South Africa. This marks our entry into the Southern African region, and it aligns with our mission to redefine cross-border payments.”

The ties between South Africa and Zambia are deep-rooted, with a history of collaboration and support. During the apartheid era, Zambia played a pivotal role in aiding the South African liberation movement, providing refuge to anti-apartheid activists, including iconic figures like Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo.

Furthermore, both countries share strong economic connections, primarily through the copper mining industry. Zambia is a significant global copper producer, while South Africa plays a vital role in mining and metallurgy. South African mining companies have invested in Zambia’s copper industry, fostering technological advancements and employment opportunities. This economic collaboration extends to infrastructure development, with South African firms contributing to transportation networks and power supply in Zambia, supporting efficient copper extraction and exports. This partnership benefits both nations and contributes to the global copper market’s growth and sustainability.

Minit Money simplifies cross-border remittances with its user-friendly digital platform, empowered by blockchain technology. The South Africa to Zambia corridor launch will not only improve sending speeds and offer an enhanced user experience but also bring substantial cost savings to users, making it an attractive choice for Zambians living in South Africa.

This expansion exemplifies Minit Money’s mission to empower Africans by facilitating seamless and cost-effective financial connections across borders.