Renewed Vision for Web3: BUIDL For Web3 Summit 2023 Ignites Innovation

December 11, 2023: Bringing web3 and decentralization to the masses, the BUIDL for Web3 Summit 2023, the premier web3 event kick-started the India Blockchain Week with over 1200+ attendees under one roof. Organized by Lumos Labs and Buidlers Tribe, powered by Bitget and supported by  Aptos, Polygon Labs, and Zetachain, the premier web3 Summit featured 10 insightful Tech Talks unlocking the cryptic corners of web3 and reigniting innovative thinking, 3 startups winning from a $100K reward pool, and over 50 job opportunities.

Series of thought-provoking insights:

10 global web3 experts working towards increasing web3 technology adoption and awareness shared their personalized inputs across different aspects that are the building blocks of the web3 infrastructure. Research driven topics such as “Restaking, Modularity and the Rise of Data Availability Layers”, “Re-imagining Web3 Developer Onboarding”, Evolution of Permissionless Human Coordination”, “Making a Case for Integrated Blockchains”, “Light Nodes”, and more captured the attention of the future web3 developers, founders, CXOs, and CEOs, present there. These profound insights were shared by global leaders such as Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), Mo Shaikh (Aptos), Toghrul Maharramov (Scroll), Sriram Kannan (Eigenlayer), Rohit Goyal (JEDISWAP), Kaavya Prasad (Lumos Labs), Raghu Mohan (,  Jason Goldberg (, Mo Shaikh (Aptos), Ketan Jog (Absinthe Labs), Chandrashekhar Menon (Lumos Labs),  Tomasz K.Stanczak ( Netherminds, Flashbots), Simran Alphonso (Bitget), and Mustafa Al-Bassam (Celestia Labs).

Lumos Labs shed light on their new venture focused on transforming the developer onboarding ecosystem by introducing HackHub, a web3 hackathon arena equipped with tools necessary to organize hackathons across colleges and brands simplifying developer experience.

Furthermore, Bitget highlighted the impact of their Blockchain4Youth initiative, fostering startups with monetary funds, technical expertise, and necessary go-to market support. With the top 3 startups winning from the $100K reward pool, Bitget concluded the first leg of their efforts in nurturing web3 innovations among the Indian startups at the BUIDL for Web3 Summit.

In the evolution of the web3 industry over the years, we at  Lumos labs and Builders Tribe unite in hosting this conference to reignite the spirit of exploration and innovation. Amidst the surge of participants, our mission is to foster meaningful discussions on crucial topics. Through the Buidl for Web 3.0 Summit we aim to, exhibit the avenues of learning, upskilling, job opportunities, and funding as the catalysts to draw more bright minds into this thriving space.Kaavya Prasad, Founder, Lumos Labs SPOTLIGHT:

Presented by Bitget and powered by, SPOTLIGHT saw over 120 applications with promising web3 solutions across sectors such as DAOs, NFTs, AI, Metaverse, data privacy, Cryptocurrencies, supply chain, gaming, developer onboarding, and more. Of these innovations, ten decentralized solutions with real world applicability were chosen to pitch live at the SPOTLIGHT in the presence of experts from Bitget, Builders Tribe, as well as various global web3 leaders and stakeholders.

The last leg of the Summit featured the top three startups that were eligible to win from the $100K reward pool.


  • Blockflow – A simplified tool to build data backends dApps
  • BitSave – World’s first crypto based mutual fund application
  • network – A workflow automating protocol for on-chain communities


The BUIDL for Web3 Summit enabled us to witness top tier web3 startup talent in India. The chosen startup’s are set to transform the decentralized sector with innovations that have real world applicability and utility. Bitget’s initiatives will continue to provide support and growth to flourish such ecosystems globally.Simran Alphonso, PR and Communications, Bitget


Buidl for Web3 Summit was a one of kind event; I would say one of the best events editorially in India. To add the elements of a job fair, and a pitch session where founders raised funding, really elevated the conference experience. India and Web3 is going to be about job and value creation, and this conference really epitomized this ethos. I’m excited to see this happen again and this will be bigger and higher impact next year.”  Raghu Mohan, Founder, Buidlers Tribe.


Web3 Job Fair :


Featuring over 50+ roles across sectors including technical and non technical roles such as engineering, marketing, human resources, operations, research, analyst, event management, content, design, finance, etc, the web3 job fair at the Summit was a hub of relevant web3 talent and networking opportunities. With the current downtrends of the job sector, the Summit saw over 200+ professionals shortlisted for interviews which were conducted at the Summit to promote credibility and fair opportunities.


Concluding the event with the winner announcement, the BUIDL for Web3 Summit 2023, the second edition of Lumos Labs’ flagship initiative, was a holistically curated premier web3 event and an impactful start to the highly anticipated India Blockchain Week. Hosted in association with Absinthe Labs with gaming partner, Lync, along with 2 job fair partners, 21 community partners, and 14 media partners, the Summit aimed  to augment the web3 wave currently in motion as well as promote thought leadership and web3 awareness.

Lumos Labs mission of revolutionizing the web3 developer experience was further augmented with the BUIDL for Web3 Summit providing a seamless journey full of learning, education, awareness, hiring, and innovation.